Hi there! We're RevBoss.

We’re a sales prospecting company.
We help our customers get customers. 🙂

Here are some of our highlights.

Our clients love us.

Our Net Promoter Score is 70+ month in and month out.  55% of our revenue comes from client referrals.

Our business is growing.

We doubled revenue in 2019, doubled it in 2020, and then doubled it again in 2021.  We’ve got a lot of juice heading into 2022.

We’re playing the long game.

We’re focused on long-term success — this means a culture focused on happy clients and happy employees.

Meet Our Team

Eric Boggs Founder, CEO

Eric started RevBoss with a mission to build a world-class sales prospecting service.

Prior to launching RevBoss, he built teams and growth programs as the Founder & CEO at Argyle Social (acquired by Gravity4), employee #1 at Bronto (acquired by NetSuite), and as a consultant / advisor to SaaS companies like Device Magic and UserVoice.

He completed his undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill and earned an MBA at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business school, where he was a Dean’s Fellow.

Eric and his wife Kelly live in Durham with their three young children in a historic home that they’re slowly renovating.  Ask Eric about guitars, backpacking, Carolina basketball, or Arsenal football.

Zachary Boylston Vice President, Client Success

Zach drives client strategy, messaging, and renewals.

When he’s not RevBoss’ing, Zach is big music fan. He co-founded Asheville Music Guide and recorded and toured as the drummer for Asheville-based Brother Nomad.  The jams from his office range from Americana to reggae to free jazz and beyond.

He’s also big on home improvement and (probably) spent this past weekend crawling under his house or digging a ditch or building a deck or something.

Zach graduated from the College of Wooster where he was captain of the varsity swim team. He lives in Durham with his wife Hayes and his newborn son Charlie.

Mason Andress Vice President, Client Operations

Mason manages our Account Managers and ensures that we hire and train great people that will help run a flawless process for our clients.

He is an avid climber, a heavy metal drummer, and a Tolkien expert.  He recently completed a week-long trek in Iceland where he regretted tasting fermented shark.  He’s also the tallest (6’5″) and longest tenured person that works at RevBoss.

Mason graduated from Elon University and lives in Durham with his wife Erin.

Stephanie Cannon Director, Sales

Steph heads up sales and is responsible for all new growth.

Prior to joining RevBoss, she has worked for a multi billion dollar software company, dazzled in luxury real estate, and slung designer clothing in the Fashion industry.  She graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte with a Fashion Marketing degree and serves as the official RevBoss Fashion stylist and rivals Ciarra for the coolest tattoos on the team.

When Steph is not in hot pursuit of the next big deal, you can still find her in hot pursuit of the next big deal. Raised in Durham, she is now a sell-out and moved to Wake Forest where she lives with her 2 teenagers Cam and Chloe and their 2 rescue dogs, Snuggles and Deebo. She loves a good binge of Law & Order or anything Bravo.

Also — Steph would like for all readers to know that, though her bio was shortened to a basic version, she is in fact not basic.

Mike Percuoco Director, Product

Mike builds product at RevBoss.

Before joining RevBoss, he was a Software Engineer at Lead Karma — an insurance marketing platform acquired by Bankrate. He built core pieces of Lead Karma’s email automation and third party integration features.

Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, board games, puzzles, and singing in the shower.  He’s also a verified Escape Room Wizard, boasting an undefeated all-time record.

Mike earned BS in Computer Science at Gordon College and a MS in Physics Northeastern University.

He lives in Wakefield, MA with his wife Anna and their son Simon.

Ciarra Neideffer-Bertelmann Account Team Lead

Ciarra manages outbound sales campaigns for clients and leads an Account Manager squad.

Before RevBoss, Ciarra’s work always involved customer service, client relations, and problem-solving.

When she’s off the clock, Ciarra can be found at yoga, on the trail, or entertaining at home. She’s a budding foodie and beer/wine enthusiast with a passion for mastering her infamous risotto and pairings.

Ciarra graduated from East Carolina University and lives in downtown Raleigh with her beautiful wife Emily and two pups, Boo Boo and Cullen.

Anders Nelson Account Team Lead

Anders works with our account managers to ensure that all the trains are running on time.

Prior to joining the RevBoss team, Anders worked in operations and data analyst roles in the tourism industry — including stints in the Caymans, Aruba, Belize, and Barbados.

Anders loves to travel.  While in new places he likes to hike, eat at local restaurants, and try new beers from the area.

He also enjoys driving and working on old cars and currently has a first generation Miata that spends a lot more time running than some of his previous projects.

Anders is also an avid homebrewing enthusiast with a special interest in wild yeasts and wood aged beers.

Anders graduated from Elon University and lives in Durham with his wife Allie and their two dogs, Barley and Binx.

Elizabeth Pollard Account Manager

Before joining RevBoss, Elizabeth earned her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She spent a much of her at UNC at sporting events — not in the stands, but in suit as Rameses Jr.

Liz also worked in the Admissions Office at UNC and as a marketing intern for USA Baseball.

Outside of work, Liz enjoys staying active and outdoors, hanging out with her family and friends, exploring the Triangle, and the more than occasional acai bowl. On weekends you can likely find her outside, at the lake or the beach, or sporting a Carolina jersey and rooting for the Heels.

Liz graduated with a degree in Advertising in 2019 and lives in Chapel Hill.

Kayla McEvoy Director, Client Operations

Kayla works with our clients to build and execute email prospecting programs that generate convos and cash.

As a recent transplant to North Carolina from her home state of New Hampshire, Kayla spends most weekends exploring new hiking trails, trying new restaurants, and finding things to do around Durham.

Growing up, Kayla was a standout flautist and even had opportunity to perform on stage with Ian Anderson.  This experience intensified her dream that possibly, someday, she would be a professional flautist. (Alas, she is not…but good for RevBoss and our clients, right?)

Kayla graduated from Plymouth State University and lives in Durham with her husband Shawn and their dog Jersey.

Jenn Williams Account Manager

Before joining the RevBoss team, Jenn held jobs at a chatbot tech company and a marketing agency both in the Triangle area, and had a social media marketing internship in London.

When not RevBoss’ing, Jenn enjoys hiking, traveling, attending concerts (Judah and the Lion and Rainbow Kitten Surprise are some favorites), powerlifting, and knitting.

She completed her undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill with a double major in History and Communication.

Jenn lives in Morrisville, NC with a black rescue cat named Luci who loves to drag her on walks around the neighborhood.

Katie Ostrowka Director, Copywriting

Katie writes messaging for clients’ campaigns and manages client relationships.

Before joining Revboss, Katie worked in publishing in NYC, where she produced audiobooks and got to meet all kinds of authors and celebs, and even once went to the Grammys — and she’s not afraid to name-drop if asked about it.

She earned her BA in Communication Studies and MA in English from UNC Greensboro, and studied abroad twice — once in Sweden and once in Denmark.

When not Revboss-ing, Katie enjoys yoga, getting crafty, and traveling (her furthest and favorite trip was to India). She lives in Durham with her husband Mike, their cat Chupa Cobbler, and over 60 potted plants.

Phil Hespen Account Manager

Phil scores leads for our clients to help them grow and succeed.

Pre-RevBoss, Phil worked with start-ups in Boston where he got hooked on lead generation and SaaS technology.

A graduate of Drake University, with a Bachelors in sociology and human anthropology, Phil’s interests outside of work range from singing to gaming to spending time outdoors to saving people’s lives (which he’s done three times — two from choking, one from drowning).

The youngest of four siblings, Phil currently lives in the Chicagoland area with his 20-lb polydactyl cat, Thumbs.

Chris Blackwell Account Manager

Chris works with our clients to build and execute email prospecting programs that generate convos and leads.

Chris studied History at UNC-Greensboro and worked in media advertising sales before joining RevBoss. 

He loves to travel and has been to 5 of the 7 continents. Favorite destinations so far include Scotland and Japan. Chris also loves Broadway musicals, scary movies, and chicken wings…not necessarily in that order.

Chris lives in Raleigh, NC with his black cat, Bax.

Mikisha Markham Operations Manager

Kisha manages our growth and search engine optimization. 

Kisha studied Communications at North Carolina Central University. Her background includes corporate operations and eCommerce. 

She enjoys BeyoncĂ©, traveling, and astrology. She’s your favorite Libra’s favorite Libra. Kisha once wanted to become the next Kahlana Barfield, but now she runs a fashion blog for fun instead.

Kisha is born and bred in Bull City.

Melissa Peters Account Team Lead

Melissa helps drive leads and conversations for our clients.

Before joining RevBoss, Melissa held a variety of jobs – from counselor at a women’s homeless shelter, to a research fellowship at the CDC, to working at a local nonprofit, WomenNC – ultimately ending up in the business world as a BDR and client success manager.

Melissa is a graduate of the University of South Carolina- Aiken, where she studied Psychology. She enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking, and is a huge LA Lakers fan.

Melissa lives in Raleigh with her husband Matt and their 5 cats (Tod, Fiona, Twinkles, Pebbles, and Smoosh). 

Alexis Muench Account Manager

Alexis works with our clients to build and execute email prospecting programs that generate leads and growth.

Alexis worked in multiple education-based roles (including a stint teaching English in South Korea) before working as an account manager for pharmaceutical software, before joining RevBoss. 

A graduate of Colorado State University where she DJ’d at the college radio station, Alexis enjoys biking and staying active – she’s played on 8 different sports teams in the past 5 years.

Alexis lives in Denver, Colorado.

Patrick Brown Software Engineer

Patrick helps keep the RevBoss machine running.

A graduate from the University of California – Davis, Patrick has volunteered as a software engineer for grassroots campaigns and causes, and was the field and finance director for a local race where they flipped a seat for the first time since 1982.

An avid reader, Patrick reads 60-80 nonfiction books each year, usually in history. His love of movies and politics is met only by his enthusiasm for trivia, especially Jeopardy.

Originally from Minnesota, Patrick now lives in Brooklyn.

Emily Levinstone Account Manager

Emily manages outbound campaigns for her clients, enabling them to build their pipelines and flourish.

Pre-RevBoss, Emily worked as a creative manager at a digital marketing agency. 

Emily is a graduate of Duke University where she studied classical voice/opera and theater. She plays the ukulele and enjoys performing in plays, concerts, and improv shows in the Triangle area. She recently started roller skating and is deeply grateful for knee pads and helmets.

Emily lives in Durham with her dog, Blossom.

Alex Reinhart Account Manager

Before RevBoss, Alex worked in publishing, doing digital marketing for fiction books, then production for academic journals. 

Alex graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, where she studied English, Spanish, and Creative Writing. She still lives in Chapel Hill now (Go Heels!).

Outside of work, she loves reading, writing poetry, playing with her cats Evie and Walrus, and trying on new hobbies before abandoning them in her closet. Most recently, knitting needles are gathering dust beside a ukulele and some light blue rollerblades.

Jessica Christoff Operations Manager, Product

Jessica has a BS in Fermentation Sciences from Appalachian State University. From there, she worked in the brewing industry briefly and then worked for a tech company managing R&D for whiskey and other alcoholic beverages.

Outside of RevBoss, she enjoys hiking, board/card games, and home improvement projects — and is currently searching for the best whiskey sour in the Triangle.

Jessica lives in downtown Cary, NC with her two cats, Marley and Buds.

Em Seyb Account Executive

Pre-RevBoss, Em’s experience was in leadership development and DE&I training, as well as outbound lead generation and strategic sales development. 

Em went to school in Virginia for Psychology and moved to Durham in 2018, where they now live with their fiance, Ariel, and two dogs, Ginny and Danvers. 

When not RevBoss’ing, Em enjoys geeking out over Star Wars, binging Netflix, and playing guitar.

Hailey Purdy Account Team Lead

A graduate of Kansas State University where she studied public relations, Hailey’s pre-RevBoss days included launching brands big and small at World Manager, and marketing and recruiting at MassMutual NC.

Outside of RevBoss, Hailey enjoys yoga, hiking, reading, and listening to podcasts. Her snack of choice is wine and chocolate (though she can’t refuse a good cheese).

Hailey lives in Raleigh with a mini Aussie named Charlie.

Elizabeth Palmer Account Team Lead

Before RevBoss, Liz Palmer worked in recruiting at several firms where she managed the full cycle of the recruitment processes for her clients.

Liz graduated from Elon University with a BA in professional writing and rhetoric. She now lives in Atlanta.

Outside of RevBoss, Elizabeth enjoys yoga, reading, creating stained glass artwork, and having a glass of wine on the front porch (red wine mostly, but she’s not picky).

Kevin Tingley Account Manager

Pre-RevBoss, Kevin worked in sales but his favorite job was working in a local brewery.

Kevin graduated from High Point University where he studied electronic media in communications. 

When not RevBoss’ing, you can find Kevin riding his bike around Durham or hiking in the woods with his girlfriend, Isabel, and their dog, Cooper.

Megan Tierney Account Manager

Before RB, Megan lived in Kansas City where she worked as an account manager in the hardware/fastener industry before diving into tech.

Megan is a graduate of Depaul University in Chicago where she studied PR/Advertising. 

She runs an Instagram page devoted to random animals (mostly dogs) that she meets and is an avid baker (which her partner Geoff both loves and hates).

Megan lives in Durham with her partner, Geoff, and their two mutts, Norman & Alex.

Rachel Velasquez Operations Manager

Rachel worked as an artist for Trader Joe’s and more recently as a legal assistant in a firm specializing in workers’ compensation before joining RevBoss. 

A graduate of NC State University, Rachel loves graphic design and lettering, cooking, and taking care of her houseplants.

She currently lives in Raleigh with a very big, energetic Weimaraner named Minnie.

Hannah Stine Account Manager

Originally from Ohio, Hannah graduated from Michigan’s Northwood University where she studied fashion marketing management and entertainment and sports promotion management.

She worked as a retail store manager for various companies and as a marketing account manager before joining RevBoss. 

When not RevBoss’ing, Hannah enjoys being outside and staying active in Raleigh, traveling, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

Alice Feigel Copywriter

Alice writes copy for RevBoss.

Before joining RevBoss, she worked across multiple Turner Broadcasting/WarnerMedia brands doing marketing, communications and social media.

When not working, she enjoys talking herself into exercising, crafting and feeding her four chickens. 

Alice graduated from University of Florida in Broadcast Journalism.

She lives in Atlanta, GA. (East Point if we’re getting technical.)

Geralyn Dyson Account Manager

Geralyn has a master’s in Composition & Rhetoric from Salisbury University. Her experiences before RevBoss include teaching and higher education student services (recruitment, record/data management, and operations).

Geralyn lives in Cheyenne with her partner and their cats. When she’s not RevBossing she’s usually listening to podcasts, or probably knitflixing (knitting and netflix), roller skating and practicing with her roller derby team, or baking her next sourdough masterpiece.

Madeline Smith Account Manager

Prior to RevBoss, Madeline was The Director of Client Services and Marketing for a court reporting company in Kentucky. She attended the University of Kentucky and received a Bachelor’s in Theatre with a performance emphasis. 

Madeline is a huge Disney fan and even has an annual pass. While Walter is a family name, let’s just say it isn’t a super big coincidence that her son and Walt Disney have the same name.

Madeline lives in Georgetown, Kentucky with her husband, Luke, son, Walter, and dog, Kahlua.

Stacey Mangum Account Manager

Pre-RevBoss – Stacey taught high school English — putting her BA in English with an education concentration from UNC-Wilmington to very good use. 

During college – Stacey was an extra on One Tree Hill and can be seen in two episodes. She was also a DJ for the student radio station, Hawkstream Radio. 

In her free time- Stacey prefers watching TV shows to movies (two hours of character development is not enough!) and excels at trivia nights.

Stacey currently lives in Stem, NC with her husband, two tiny humans, and two fur kids.

Samantha Culver Account Coordinator / Manager

Sami graduated from UNC Charlotte with a B.S. in Psychology (she minored in Communication Studies). 

Before coming to RevBoss, Sami worked in various customer service roles — from managing a retail store, to interning at Walt Disney World. Most recently, she worked as a Covid-19 contact tracer for the state of NC. 

Sami loves games, puzzles, plants, and baking (with a particular weakness for cookies).

Sami lives in Charlotte, NC and has a golden retriever lab mix named Piper Potts.

Ashlie Carlson Copywriter

Ashlie is a UNC alum with a background in publishing. 

Prior to joining the RevBoss copywriting team, she spent 10 years as a managing editor while doing freelance jobs on the side. 

She lives with her two cats (Sora and Riku) and her dog (Maverick), and in her free time you’ll usually find her with a controller or a book in her hands or enjoying live music.

Jenna Goodacre Account Coordinator / Manager

Jenna got her start as a retail operations manager, then worked in the legal field for just over 2 years before joining RevBoss.

She played volleyball throughout college at William Peace University and still loves playing in her free time. She knows how to juggle and was actively involved in theater in high school, landing a star role (Snow White) in her senior theater project. 

Jenna and her husband live in Wake Forest with their adopted Dachshund puppy, Woody.

Shaun Simon Account Manager

Before coming to RevBoss, Shaun attended Georgia Gwinnett College and spent five years in business consulting and operations.

Shaun typically unwinds by hiking and working out. He is a fan of karaoke, but he also sings and records his own music.

Shaun lives in Raleigh with his dogs Tyra Banks and Roman, who keep him busy playing fetch and going on long walks.

Josh Siemieniec Account Manager

Josh joined RevBoss with a background in IT and marketing. He tends bar on the side — and loves it so much he’s been doing it for over 10 years.

Josh collects hobbies that range from brewing beer, making hot sauce, and other culinary adventures to DIY, hiking, and telling dad jokes. 

Josh studied theology and philosophy at Whitworth University. He now lives in Durham with a houseful of plants (gardening being the most recent addition to his hobby collection).

Myatt Person Account Manager

Myatt brings five years of sales and account management experience with him to RevBoss. He also previously worked on an Alzheimer’s disease research project to help create a preventative medicine now in the clinical trial phase.

Outside of work, Myatt is an aspiring author who enjoys yoga and all things outdoors, as well as making music and reading.

Myatt studied at East Carolina University and Columbia University and currently lives in the heart of Raleigh.

Danielle Keaton Account Manager

Danielle brings a variety of experience to RevBoss — since earning her degree in business administration from Liberty University, she’s worked as an executive assistant, recruiter, sales administrator, and training director. She’s also been a Pampered Chef Consultant since 2007. 

When not RevBoss’ing, Danielle enjoys baking, cross-stitching, and hanging out with friends and family.

Born and raised in Durham, Danielle now lives near Fort Bragg with her husband and four kids.

Andrew Hendricks Account Manager

With a degree in Mathematics from UNC-Wilmington, Andrew joined RevBoss after several years working in the craft beer / service and restaurant industry, most recently as the beverage director for a bodega in Durham.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys playing disc golf, tending to his house plants, listening to comedy podcasts, cooking, reading Marvel comics, and spending time with family and friends.

Andrew lives in Raleigh with a 9-year-old cat named James.

Nicki Medford Account Manager

Before coming to RevBoss, Nicki ran three of her own businesses, consulted for several startups, coordinated community events, and published an online “things to do in Raleigh” magazine. 

She enjoys playing board games, taking road trips, and having 90s movie marathons with her family. She also loves coffee, Broadway musicals, and thrifting most of her clothes and home decor. 

Originally from Los Angeles, Nicki now lives in Raleigh where she is a homeschooling mom to her two kids.

Gigi Giddings Account Manager

Gigi hails from Boston but escaped the snow to pursue a dual degree at NC State, where she lived the movie Pitch Perfect as a member of the Ladies in Red a capella group. 

Before finding her way to RevBoss, she managed and tended bar at several Raleigh establishments. 

When she’s looking to unwind, she still enjoys ensemble singing, as well as cooking (pasta is a particular favorite) and practicing yoga. Her ambition to Marie Kondo her life is a never-ending pursuit.

RevBoss feels like an extension of our sales team, without the cost of a sales person. They know what works, they are responsive, and they take a genuine interest in our success.
Jeb Banner, CEO, Boardable

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